April 30, 2007

Update on Chris-Friday, April 27, 2007

Chris went to the hospital a few days ago because he had a fever. The doctors gave him some antibiotics and the fever went away, but they found evidence of pneumonia and an infarction in the spleen that caused a great deal of pain, so he extended his stay in the hospital, but we are hoping he can come home today (4/27). He received his latest round of chemo yesterday (a one-day session).

As always, we appreciate all the positive feedback & prayers. Thanks to everyone for being so supportive.

Tim & Adrienne Murtaugh


Stephanie "Steady" Edwards said...

Some people were having difficulty posting... so I wanted to make sure things worked. To post a comment just click on the "_ Comments" or "1 Comment" link and it will bring you to this page. If you are still having trouble... please just send me the comment to stepheds@gmail.com and I will post it for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris -- thinking of you often and look forward to talking to you soon -- watch out for the hospital staff trying to make you blow bubbles -- they might be psychologists! I don't know if you remember a certain dorm room event involving blowing bubbles and Denis Hein batting them away and insulting Lawrence Welk... I certainly remember your great smile!
sending you many warm greetings --
Chris Gibbon

Cooper said...

Howdy Chris,

How are you doing mi amigo? (It is almost Cinco de Mayo - which loosely translated is sinking in mayonaise)

Sorry that I haven't been a very good blogger lately, some would argue that I've never been a good blogger (bastards).

But now that my event is over I am excited to be able to come up and see you in the very near future. I am starting a new job on June 4. I will be the District Development Director for the Central FLorida YMCA. I am putting in my 2 week notice on Monday so I'll have plenty of time for a visit up to Chicago between my last day and my start date.

My event went well! We had over 1,200 cyclists on the road and when all of the counting is done, we'll have raised over $1,000,000 in the fight against MS!

If you're interested there are pictures from the event at www.biketourphoto.com. Go to the link for Winter Haven to Orlando.

I'll bring up the DVD we made from the event if I can get it ready by then. Captivating stuff I am sure.

Well, I was riding my bike the other day, getting reacquainted with my steed. And as I am pedalling up an overpass (these are what we in central florida call mountains) and as I am wiping the drool that was coming out of my mouth away (I dont know why I drool when I ride) I looked down on the road. And there I saw a shiny peso - mexican money.

I didn't stop to pick it up, but I was immediatley brought back to my childhood. For those of you who don't know, my parents, being contrarians by nature actually snuck into Mexico. We were "illegales". I can still remember the looks on the Mexicans' faces as we swam right by them across the Rio Grande in the opposite direction.

It was a harrowing journey, Border Patrol, fast currents, long walks through the heat. I remember entering a village just across the border. We were wearing our matching yellow "COOPER FAMILY MEH-HEE-CO or BUST" t-shirts that my mother designed so if we got seperated we could easily find each other. (This was before the "child leash" was invented.) I decorated mine with a "Keep On Truckin'" iron-on that I got in a box of Cookie Crisps cereal. My sister had her "Boogie On" one, not to be outdone.

We were drawn to the village by the smell of tortillas, chimichangas, taco salad, frioles negras and the sweetest voice you ever heard - like jasmine on a summer breeze. This song bird would eventually take the pop world by storm. The name I am sure is familiar to you all - Gerardo.

Anyway, I digress. My family's plan of bringing the Tex to the Mex proved to be a miserable failure. So we left Mexico City in search of work. We travelled by burro as our "Le Car" car had been stolen by some french canadians on holiday.

We ended up in a beach side city called Oahaca (pronounced WAH-ha-ka). It was there I first started to develop my dance moves that awed, wowed, and inspired you all throughout college. While my sister sold she sells by the seashore, I mean sea shells by the sheshore, you know what I mean. My mom took to braiding the back hair of Speedo clad European male tourists, and my father entertained by suffing his fist in his mouth.

It was on this beach I would dance for the tourists for the few pesos that they would toss me. Some say it was just to make me go away, but I know better. I can still see the smiles and hear the laughter that accompanied my departure. The pesos kept my stomach full of tequila bottle worms, but it was those giggles and laughter and smiles that filled my heart. The locals even gave me a nickname "Piernes de Pollo" - translated it means Chicken Legs, but in my ears it meant - AMIGO.

You too, Christopher C Murtaugh, are my "Piernes de Pollo". My amigo. I think about you often and hope that you are keeping your spirits up and continuing your fight. If you find yourself weakening your resolve, just think of my families struggles as illegal immigrants in Mexico and know that you too will be dancing on the beach soon. I promise I will throw money at you and point and laugh.


N said...

Nice story, Mike!

I'm so inspired I've made a stein with the phrase "MEH-HEE-CO or BUST" on it. And it is b-yoot-i-ful:


Chris, you're in our thoughts and prayers. I'll throw money, point and laugh as well.

Love, Noel

Stephanie "Steady" Edwards said...

for some reason... I have a false memory of iron-on's from Cookie Crisp cereal too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the messages (especially Cooper's delirium tremens).

Chris is still in the hospital (5/11), but we hope he will be back at the house some time next week.

He really appreciates all the notes. Adrienne & I have been reading them to him, so keep them coming!


Tim & Adrienne