June 19, 2007

Chris Murtaugh

Tuesday, June 19 2007

To our friends & family,

Today my brother ("Uncle Chris") lost his 7+ month battle with neuroendocrine cancer.

We miss & love him deeply and cannot fathom how this could happen to someone so young.

Thanks to all of you for being in our lives; for being our family and friends. Without your kindness, friendship, support and assistance with our children, we would not have been able to spend so much time with Christopher during these final months.

Our very best to you all. Peace & love.

The Murtaugh Family
Tim, Adrienne, Timmy & Beckett

May 31, 2007

Photos from Lori Funkey...

"I was going through some photo albums last night and I came across some pictures from New Years Eve '95, Cooper's wedding and a day we went to the bar on Lincoln Ave(where they filmed The Color of Money - I can't remember the name of the bar, but I don't think it's there anymore)."

These are great, Lori... I hope everyone enjoys! The slideshow will play below or check out the album by clicking on the photo.
Lori Funkey's Photos Album

May 11, 2007

Update on Chris, May 11, 2007

Thanks for all the messages (especially Cooper's delirium tremens).

Chris is still in the hospital (5/11), but we hope he will be back at the house some time next week.

He really appreciates all the notes. Adrienne & I have been reading them to him, so keep them coming!


Tim & Adrienne

April 30, 2007

Update on Chris-Friday, April 27, 2007

Chris went to the hospital a few days ago because he had a fever. The doctors gave him some antibiotics and the fever went away, but they found evidence of pneumonia and an infarction in the spleen that caused a great deal of pain, so he extended his stay in the hospital, but we are hoping he can come home today (4/27). He received his latest round of chemo yesterday (a one-day session).

As always, we appreciate all the positive feedback & prayers. Thanks to everyone for being so supportive.

Tim & Adrienne Murtaugh

April 24, 2007

An Update: A Call for Extra Prayers

Just wanted to give a quick update on Chris... he has pneumonia and an infection and is in the hospital. I don't have a lot of details--Adrienne and Tim Murtaugh were having trouble uploading a post so I am doing it for them. But this is a call for extra prayers.

April 11, 2007

Maine 2005

These are pictures that Chris Gibbon wanted to share of her wedding in 2005 in Maine (with the Michael Cooper Family).

Chris Gibbon's Wedding Album

March 31, 2007

Dear Friends of Chris:

As you may know, Chris went in for a CT Scan Thursday. We received the results yesterday, and they were positive. The tumors on his pancreas and liver are shrinking!

This means his current therapy is working, so his doctors are going to continue this regimen. He goes for his first of five chemo sessions Monday (April 2).

Thanks for all your support!

Tim & Adrienne

March 30, 2007

Your fight has touched so many lives.

Your fight has touched so many lives. You are an amazing man. You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts. I'm so glad we were able to spend some quality time with you last weekend. I could feel your determination in the room. You are an inspiration to everyone you have touched throughout your life. I believe in miracles, large and small. I believe the power of prayer helps these miracles along. Love is the greatest of all miracles and as you have seen, you and your family (immediate and extended) are surrounded by the miracle of love every step of the way through this battle. All of us are hoping and praying for you everyday. We might not physically be there but we are strong in spirit. Stay the course. We love you. This world is a better place with you in it. Your friend, Suzanne