March 31, 2007

Dear Friends of Chris:

As you may know, Chris went in for a CT Scan Thursday. We received the results yesterday, and they were positive. The tumors on his pancreas and liver are shrinking!

This means his current therapy is working, so his doctors are going to continue this regimen. He goes for his first of five chemo sessions Monday (April 2).

Thanks for all your support!

Tim & Adrienne


Anonymous said...

Dear Chris -
I was so glad to hear the great news yesterday. I've been thinking and praying (yes, praying, that's not a typo...) a lot since I saw you on Sunday. You are an inspiration to us all. You are doing an amazing job fighting this cancer. I know you hurt and and your're damn tired, but keep fighting! I'm so proud of you! You've got a big week ahead and we will all be thiking and praying for you. Press on! I will be in touch.

N said...

That's great news! Keep it up, Chris!

If you don't in fact keep it up, I may have to introduce the Loyola Fight Song in a future post. (Yes, you can thank the internet for my being able to find that.)

The Loyola song is so godawful that I guarantee it'll scare anything away. Even the plague. So please continue to get well, Chris, for all our sakes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,
Gibbon here. It was so good to hear your voice -- familiar and evoking memories of very happy times. I'm so glad to hear of the treatment success, you at the very least deserve a special "Yay!" with an image of me doing a somewhat labored and awkward cheerleader jump! It sure sounds like you are surrounded by lots of love and goodness in Chicago. I think of you often and send my prayers too. I'm sending some photos of Helena at my wedding as promised. It's almost 2 years ago now, but I think you'll enjoy "like father like daughter" hamming it up for the camera.
with love from the twin cities --
chris gibbon

JG said...

Chistopher M: This is Johnny G from 2712 W. Morse. Listen, man, you were there when we started the sponge ball craze of 1981. The whole world was watching as we gathered the world's finest athletes (on that block) to play a game that only four or five knew the rules. I clearly remember Molly SCott saying, "leave me alone" and everyone else saying "Mike Herbert's a cheater."

jg said...

Hope you feel good, man. You've got a lot of people who love you. Though I"m sue the "I'm geting married int the morning" whites are as self-consumed as always. -JG

Katie Funkey said...

Hey Murtaugh, it's Katie Funkey. I am so happy to read this news about your CT scan! The whole Funkey gang is pulling for you! You are in our prayers and thoughts every day! We're keeping an eye on the blog for updates, so you hang in there and know that we love you! xoxo, Katie Funkey

Katie Fisher said...

Chris - Glad to hear you are responding well to treatments. My family has you in their prayers. And my Grandma prays A LOT so I can promise you solid prayer coverage from the deep south.
Stay strong. I know you have determination because I once witnessed you eating some nasty purplish vegetable soup for every meal for a week when we were in college. I am not sure why you did that but am hoping it involved a cash prize or beer at least.
One piece of advice - keep an eye on that Suzanne. She's famous for getting us all in trouble before we even realize it. Catlike some would say. Hmmm....
Be good - Katie Fisher